Terms & conditions and cancellation policy

Additional Information

Please note that we can only accept notice of cancellation in writing. Thank you for your understanding.

In case of cancellation of the reservation prior to departure, or premature termination of your booked stay without additional cancellation insurance or for a reason (see following column), not specified in the event of cancellation, the following insurer's costs are to be borne (area of jurisdiction Reutte – Tyrol, Austria):

  • up to 1 month before arrival – 40% of the total amount of the booking
  • up to 1 week before arrival – 70% of the total amount of the booking
  • within the last week before the day of arrival – 90% of the total booking

Free cancellation

You can cancel free of charge up 3 months before the date of arrival.

In this case, only the cancellation insurance fee has to be paid, if the insurance has been taken out beforehand.

You are welcome to arrange cancellation insurance through our hotel.

Travel cancellation and curtailment insurance:

An insured event occurs when, for a reason listed below

  • The insured person is unable to travel, the commencement or continuation of the journey is prevented
  • A serious accident or illness of the insured person, his/her spouse, his/her children, parents, in-laws
  • Death of the aforementioned persons or siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, step-parents of one of the insured persons
  • Sudden unforeseeable, serious complications in pregnancy
  • Reactions to vaccine
  • The unexpected recurrence or exacerbation of a chronic condition
  • Significant damage to the property of the insured person at his place of residence due to fire, acts of God, or a criminal act by a third party which makes his presence mandatory.

How much is the excess?
In cases of booking cancellation before departure, 20% of the total amount of the booking
In the case of premature termination of your booked stay, 20% of the total amount of the booking

What to do in the event of a claim?
Inability to travel. The guest should inform the Dachsteinkönig Familux Resort as soon as possible about their inability to travel and send confirmation either from a doctor along with the diagnosis, or from the police.

How much is your cancellation cover?
Suites: 1-3 days = 30,-€ / 4-7 days = 60,-€ / 8-10 days = 90,-€ / 11-15 days = 120,-€ / 16-21 days = 180,-€; Chalets: 1-3 days = 40,-€ / 4-7 days = 80,-€ / 8-10 days = 120,-€ / 11-15 days = 160,-€ / 16-21 days = 195,-€ per stay, room, and family. (There are no refunds for booked cancellation insurance.)