Regional and international cuisine

Our themed buffets and live cooking stations have raised our all-inclusive family hotel catering to a totally new level. We use fresh, regional and seasonal products alongside select delicacies such as lobster, turbot and beef carpaccio. Here at the Dachsteinkönig Hotel, adults and children alike can enjoy speciality fruits and vegetables that might not be so readily available at home. Healthy eating is very important to us. Allergy sufferers, vegetarians and vegans are also well catered for.

Head chef Roland Rangger talks about his work here at the Dachsteinkönig family hotel

Our light and creative cuisine should reflect the taste of the Salzkammergut. With regional ingredients, we can offer our guest the best quality and choice, which is a true experience for both young and old.

Regionality is not just a trend, but is also proof that old-fashioned dishes can be interpreted in modern way. We serve freshly caught fish, like char, from local clear lakes. Spicy and mild cheeses from cow, sheep and mountain goats are sourced from regional dairy farms.”

Our products originate from the local areas. Our meat specialities come from the butcher's Leitner from Jenbach in Tirol and butcher’s Ablinger in Salzburg, eggs are obtained from Salzburg, our honey originates from a beekeeper in Strass im Zillertal, our bread is produced by two backeries: Maislinger from Bad Goisern and Salzkammergut Bäckerei. Regional specialities are delivered by Gosauer Genußkorb. Spezial salt comes from Hallein.

The Greisslerei buffet area

In Austria, a Greisslerei is a small grocery shop, run by a Greissler. In English-speaking countries, these are known as “mom-and-pop” stores. Our buffet is based on this kind of shop – an appealing, traditional local shop that inspires guests with a range of fresh local dishes and international creations. Our buffet area awaits with a range of different serving stations offering a wide variety of options: soup, pizza, pasta, wok dishes, desserts, a salad bar, bread and drinks. After a busy, fun-filled day, you’ll find mouth-watering food to satisfy your hunger at our two grill stations and there’s a separate children’s buffet for our younger guests.

A great feast in a traditional setting

Our restaurant areas present a range of handicrafts from local producers and the rooms have been decorated accordingly. Discover traditional Goiserer shoemaking (traditionally hiking boots which take around 2 years to make), Lederhosen (leather trousers) production (hand-made deerskin Lederhosen can cost up to €6,500), amusing jugglers, watch-making and alpine dairy production. The tailor’s shop is right next to the children’s restaurant and is where supervised children’s meals take place. There is a play area in the restaurant, enabling parents to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

The Sennerei - our speciality restaurant

In the Sennerei restaurant we offer our guests a selection of four different types of Fondues as well as Steak spezialities (from Japanese Wagyu Beef to the Australian Cornbeef). The dinner starts with a small aperitif before we serve the family fondue with a large selection of side dishes, salads and sauces. After the fondue we offer our special Dachsteinkönig dessert variation or Salzburger Nockerl.

The milk bar – afternoon buffet

Separated from the children’s zoo by just a pane of glass, the milk bar serves cake, ice cream and other snacks during the afternoon.

Focus on Austrian wines

We have a diverse choice of wines, mostly from the wine regions of Austria. Our vinothek hosts a weekly wine-tasting session, where qualified sommeliers serve their most exquisite samples at a large rustic oak table. Our white wine cabinet is kept at a constant 9°C and red wine is stored at 18°C.

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